Longitudinal Study of Child Development in Québec (ÉLDEQ 1998-2002)

Concepts, Definitions and Operational Aspects (Volume 1, Number 12)


This volume, which complements Volume 1, Number 1 of this collection, provides useful information on the conceptual, logistical and statistical aspects of ÉLDEQ 1998-2002. It is
divided into two parts: The first provides an overview of the stages of the survey, its position with respect to other international longitudinal surveys as well as the conception and outcomes of the first data collection of ÉLDEQ. The sources and justifications of the survey questions are also presented. The second part, in the form of a guide to microdata,
provides essential information for users of the data in the 1998 collection. Among topics examined are the validation of the data, the contents of the general release database and the creation of the derivative variables. Some methodological considerations for those involved in data analysis are also examined.


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File 1
Foreword - Acknowledgments - Introduction of ÉLDEQ 1998-2002 - Table of Contents - List of Tables and Figures - Abreviations - Review of the Methodology
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File 2
Part 1 Design of Phase 1 of ÉLDEQ Instruments and Procedures - 1. Background to the Longitudinal Study of Child Development in Québec (ÉLDEQ 1998-2002) - 2. ÉLDEQ, a Study in Partnership - 3. Sources and Justifications of Questions, Scales, Forms and Tests - Annex - Part I - References
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File 3
Part II Data and Variables - 1. Survey Instruments and Respondents: A Brief Review - 2. Data Validation: An Essential Step3. Composition of the Database of ÉLDEQ 1 1998 - 4. Comments and Cautions on Some Variables and Scales - 5. Data Analysis for ÉLDEQ 1998: Methodological Considerations - 6. Distribution - 7. Derivative Variables - Annex - Part II - References - Glossary 
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