The SurvEd kit for success in school

L'Institut de la statistique du Québec has produced many publications based on data from the QLSCD to document child development at school entry as well as educational experience. The SurvEd kit makes the data easily accessible and productive for educational personnel and everyone concerned about the future of our children. This will contribute to preventing school dropout and enhancing academic performance.

Each fact sheet presents certain results covering topics that affect success in school. In addition to highlights, each sheet includes courses of action based on Institut publications.

Partners involved in producing this kit:

Institut de la statistique du Québec   Fédération des commissions scolaires du Québec   Réunir Réussir

To read the complete kit

Presentation fact sheet: What is the SurvEd kit?

To consult the fact sheets separately:
  • Fact Sheet 1 – School Readiness
  • Fact Sheet 2 – Vocabulary Acquisition in Kindergarten
  • Fact Sheet 3 – Success starts in Grade 1
  • Fact Sheet 4 – Symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention in young children
  • Fact Sheet 5 – Victimization at Entry into Elementary School
  • Fact Sheet 6 – Motivation in Grade 1 and 2 of Elementary School
  • Fact Sheet 7 – Academic Achievement in Grade 4 of Elementary School
  • Fact Sheet 8 – A Positive Teacher-Student Relationship in Elementary School
  • Fact Sheet 9 – Parent-School Relations at the Elementary Level
  • Fact Sheet 10 – Performance in the Compulsory French Exams in Grade 6 of French Elementary School
  • Fact Sheet 11 – Performance in the Compulsory Mathematics Exam in Grade 6 of Elementary School
  • Fact Sheet 12 – Introduction to Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs
  • Fact Sheet 13 – Elementary School Students at Risk of Dropping Out of High School


Suggested reference: DESROSIERS, Hélène, Maryse Dion TREMBLAY et coll. (2014). The SurvEd kit on success in school, Québec, Institut de la statistique du Québec, 14 p.